Quick and easy group voice communication. Get to work faster with channels customized for your crew members, distributed workforce, sales team, security, dispatchers & drivers, job site, warehouse, store, factory, event, school. BUOY connects everyone.
Quick and easy group voice communication. BUOY connects everyone.

Simple Setup

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    Trying before buying is essential, so we’ve made it easy for you. All you need is an email address.
  • Invite Your Team

    You have full control over each user's permissions.
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  • Get to Work

    Start communicating instantly with your entire team. Oh yeah, and you're welcome. 😎

Everything your team needs.

Smart features to help you connect.

Channel based

Create channels for specific purposes or locations. Add any subset of team members you want to each channel. Add/Remove channels and members anytime.

Signal team members

Instantly send notifications to any channel member when it’s time to talk.

HD Voice

Experience the power of high-definition Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Sound quality better than a mobile phone call.

Secure Communication

We always use the best and latest industry-standard security protocols, so your data is always protected from prying eyes and ears. Nobody can sit on your frequency.

Text & Images

When necessary, share text & images to help illustrate the conversation.

Unlimited range

Buoy works with any data or WiFi network to enable global collaboration with your team.

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